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Hi, I am Christie 

I'm the founder of Vanorsdale Learning Lab. I bring a world of innovative learning solutions to your fingertips. As an accomplished Instructional Systems Design Leader, Educational Technology Expert, and Learning Content Developer - I specialize in creating engaging, technology-driven educational systems and materials that cater to the diverse needs of learners and organizations alike.

With a proven track record of enhancing course engagement, managing successful projects, and achieving high client satisfaction, my work is dedicated to elevating educational experiences through cutting-edge strategies and tools. From instructional design to learning experience architecture, I offer services that transform and empower learning environments across the globe.

Discover how we can revolutionize learning together. Let's connect and make your training goals a reality.

Headshot of Christie Vanorsdale

What I love Doing

Microlearning Development

I craft concise and impactful learning experiences tailored to your needs and objectives with specific audiences in mind. 

Performance Support Tools 

I provide on-demand support to employees at the point of need by  creating performance support tools such as job aids, infographics, and interactive guides.

Digital Transformation

I specialize in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs transform their content into compelling and engaging digital learning experiences that captivate audiences and drive impactful results.

Design Thinking 

I create user-centered solutions for authentic problems. This human-centered approach ensures each learning experience is a transformative and meaningful learning journey.

Data Driven Decision Making

I leverage data analytics to assess the effectiveness of training programs and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Backward Design Framework with Iterative Modeling

I leverage the Backwards Design Framework and Iterative Modeling methodologies to meticulously align business objectives with learning outcomes, ensuring  solutions address tangible, real-world challenges rather than assumed issues.

My Work. 

Take a look at my work, where digital transformations breathe new life into how we can connect with our community of  followers, performance support tools elevate efficiency, and microlearnings distill complex concepts into digestible insights. Each project showcases my  commitment to advancing educational technology with precision and creativity. Click on the images below to learn more and view the live project. 

What my clients are saying...

"Christie was instrumental in guiding and educating us as we created our programme.  Her expertise as a program and user experience architect, and her passion for helping us achieve our vision coupled with her flexibility to work with the tools and platforms we presented were invaluable.  
Christie is a consummate professional and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her in creating our unique programme of English language courses. Highly recommended."

Adam Bowen, Hochunk Trading Group 

"Christie is an absolute Rock Star. She took the criteria, created a course, conducted the course and provided great feedback all within days. Her work is phenomenal and I am looking forward to projects in the future that require he skill set so to work call upon her again. She is great at what she does and I highly recommend her!" 

Carnellia Ajasin, Mind Katalyst 

"My experience with Christie has been simply awesome! I am in I.T. (technology field). Christie's understanding of curriculum development is grounded in pure pedagogy! She even adds a bit of fun and interaction for course takers. I am so glad to have her as part of my team to collaborate and plan with. If you want your courses/curriculum done right (no matter the industry) Christie is the person to develop it flawlessly with high integrity and professionalism."

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