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AECT Artifacts 

About this Section 

 Each post represents one of the 5 AECT Standards. Artifacts, descriptions, and reflections are showcased for each of the performance indicators for a standard. In cases where a client did not provide permission to share an artifact, only a description and reflection can be found. This aligns with AECT's Standard 1[Content Knowledge]  for the ethics performance indicator, "candidates demonstrate the contemporary professional ethics of the field.."(AECT, 2012).

Why AECT? 

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) was selected to frame my comprehensive exams because they provide: 

  • resources and guidelines for those who value a systematic approach to learning

  • a dynamic response to multiple fields such as Teacher Education ,Instructional design and technologies

  • an international forum

  • three electronic journals which continually showcase relevant and timely literature related to instructional technology and design

AECT Standards: Text
AECT Standards: Blog2
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