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Virtual Asynchronous MOOC for English Language Learning 

May 2020-May 2021

About the Project 

This complete learning program was created for English Language Learners (ELLs) from levels A1-C2 on the international CEFR scale. It is a completely asynchronous and affordable option for (ELLs) to learn skills-based English language, through interactive games, videos, and projects. The one-of-a-kind private community affords additional ubiquitous learning opportunities through peer-to-peer interaction and synchronous instructor-led engagement. This was the vision of the Product Owner and it was achieved by adapting the out-of-the-box LMS experience and capabilities with additional coding and plugins.​

The Learners:

This was created for adult learners who need to improve their English fluency for various reasons. It was geared towards people who may be living in English speaking countries and need to improve their real-world English skills in the workplace and in low-stakes social environments.​

Skills for this Project:

This project required skills in the follow areas: 

  • Instructional Design 

  • User Experience Design 

  • Storyboarding 

  • Frameworking 

  • Subject Matter Expert 

  • Design Thinking

Software Utilized for this Project: 

  • Camtasia 

  • Articulate Storyline 

  • Snagit 

  • Wordpress

  • Learndash

  • Photoshop

Project Brief:

  • The product owner was the creator of English Like a Native (ELAN), a youtube channel. She created and hosted short videos which taught accent courses, grammar tips, etc. The request was to create an entirely virtual but asynchronous English learning school, under the ELAN brand. The LMS, a Wordpress Plugin called Learndash, was already purchased and finalized by the stakeholders. 

  • The learning solution required was to create a tiered program based on an internationally recognized scale of language proficiency called CEFR. The program would be project-based, with each project mirroring a typical adult real-life skill needed in an English speaking country, and it would have a closed social network that was accessible to most without the need for VPN. 

  • It was determined that the project required 2 subject matter experts, a wordpress coding expert, an expert in Universal Design for Learning, an expert in User Experience Design and an Instructional Designer. The Product Owner and her business partner input the content from the storyboards into the LMS, while working side by side with the coder. 

  • I served as a Subject Matter Expert and Learning Systems Architect (ID, UDL,UX). I worked with the product owner to enlist additional supporting freelancers. 

  • 6 levels of courses (A1~C2), with 8 courses per level went live in August of 2021. The entire project took 1 year to complete A-Z. 

Development Overview 

  • Investigated the full capabilities and limitations of Learndash and those that could be added with plugins

  • Concept mapped the entire program using Miro

  • Worked with Coder and Product Owner to create course shells in LMS

  • Created lesson blueprints/storyboard template 

  • Created outlines for 6 programs, 48 courses 

  • Worked with subject matter experts to flesh out concepts into full lessons 

  • Wrote, developed, and curated multimedia 

  • Handed off storyboard to be developed into the LMS shells 

  • QA final lessons/programs 

  • Go-Live 


Take a Closer Look 

Key Features 

Storyboarding with Google Docs

Our content was carefully designed according to the CEFR framework, thanks to the expertise of Adult English Language Learning Subject Matter Experts. Each level's final project was thoughtfully planned, and original content was crafted through Backward Design. To aid our experts in this process, we provide them with storyboard templates complete with helpful prompts and notes. The LDX team ensured that everything aligned seamlessly with the learning path, adding their production insights before moving forward with development in the LMS.


Product Branding and UX Choices

 Every frame of our video content was meticulously scripted by our expert team and brought to life by our dedicated product owner, ensuring a seamless alignment with her established brand identity and exceeding subscriber expectations. From the vibrant palette to the distinctive branded elements, every detail was thoughtfully crafted to immerse our audience in an engaging, cohesive experience.

 Our course shell was designed with intuitive navigation in mind, ensuring that learners effortlessly glide through the material. Additionally, strategic navigation aids were strategically integrated to guarantee a seamless journey. Our storyboards, detailed with cues for our dynamic production team, were the blueprint that brought this vision to life.

Even interactive elements and games were not left to chance. Each was carefully storyboarded, rigorously tested for ease of understanding, and a breeze to navigate. This attention to detail ensures that every moment of interaction is not only fun but also purposeful in enhancing the learning experience.

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