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Microlearning Development: Articulate Rise Course  

January 2024

About the Project 

The microlearning tool was created to introduce a fresh digital learning program to a specific professional community. Given that this course would be offered at no cost as part of the program's marketing launch, we needed a compact, captivating, and informative tool as an authentic alternative to a traditional 'sizzle reel'. Considering that this community wasn't accustomed to digital learning in their field, we believed that showcasing this tool as part of the marketing campaign would not only generate interest and motivation but also drive future course registrations by demonstrating the quality of what was to come.

The Learners:

The learners are utility professionals seeking to improve their final bill collection methods. They come from diverse backgrounds and experience levels within the industry. Many deal with complex debt collection processes daily and are seeking advanced solutions with little time and cutbacks on professional development resources. Balancing work responsibilities with training commitments can also be a challenge.

Skills for this Project:

This project required skills in the follow areas: 

  • Instructional Design 

  • Graphic Design

  • User Experience Design 

  • Stakeholder Negotiation 

  • Design Thinking

  • Active Listening 

  • Project Management

  • Feedback Receptiveness 

Software Utilized for this Project: 

  • Articulate Storyline

  • Articulate Rise 

  • Google Docs

  • Adobe

Project Brief:

The project was to develop a concise microlearning tool to introduce a new digital learning program to a professional community unfamiliar with digital learning in their field. The tool was offered as part of the program's marketing launch campaign, aiming to enhance interest, motivation, and future course registrations. Key deliverables include creating engaging content via a SCORM wrapped elearning file that was web hosted on Google Cloud, aligning with the marketing campaign, and completing development within the specified timeline and budget.

Asset Development Highlights

This asset serves as a springboard for future course development for a consultant specializing in services for the credit and collections industry. While renowned for their bi-annual face-to-face conferences, they were venturing into virtual learning programs for the first time. To ease this transition, I recommended starting with a free asset and exploring a tiered program model. Articulate Rise was chosen for its familiarity to corporate clients, offering a lower learning curve and customizable features. Its user-friendly interface and web hosting capabilities aligned with the client's goal of providing free and open access to content without the need for an LMS.

Monticello_Mini_Course_Mockup (1).png

Take a closer look. 

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