My Projects

This is a collection of my most recent projects. My areas of specialization include:  storyboarding, concept progression, needs analysis', UX design , Design Thinking, Agile project management, assessment and content development . For more examples, navigate to AECT Artifacts

Image by Brandi Redd


Process Improvement

Feedback and iteration is a very important part of the design life-cycle. In my current role as a learning designer for a software company-seeking to revamp their learning design team-I created internal and external review documents. These help to ensure that we are receiving focused, objective, and robust feedback that drives our learning products towards enhacing the user experience. Click the image to view examples. 


Full Service: English Like a Native LTD

A youtuber, famous for her English language learning content, wanted to create a comprehensive online English  learning program. I served as the Learning Designer, Learning Experience Designer, Content Expert, Project Manager, and Content Developer to create this full program for a Wordpress LMS called Learndash. Click the image to view the site and browse the courses.

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano
Image by Kelly Sikkema


Methodology: Sales Team Training

In my role as a learning design for a software company-looking to establish a new internal training program for their sales team-I worked with learning/training team members and cross-functional stakeholders to develop this program and it's pilot. We used Design Thinking and Agile methods to define, ideate, and collaborate in order to create training content that served the needs of the sales team in an empathic way. Click the image to view the training course.*free registration is required


Backend Wireframing & Content Development Examples

The finished product is always nice to look at but it is a long road--with many moving parts--to get it there. Here are some examples of blueprints, storyboards, learning path planning and ideation documents that were part of the backend design and development on several projects. Click the image to view the examples. 

Image by Kaleidico