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My Work 

This is a collection of some of my recent work. My areas of specialization include:  storyboarding, concept progression, needs analysis, UX design, Design Thinking, Agile project management, Backward Design, assessment, and content development. As an independent contractor for 8 + years, I have had the pleasure of completing all aspects of a full-service project on my own or with others. 



Articulate Rise Elearning

Explore this engaging Articulate Rise Elearning course, created for those in the Utility collection industries. It showcases my commitment to creating effective online learning experiences. Dive into the world of final bill collection strategies, account segmentation, and timeline optimization. Witness how my courses can empower professionals to achieve significant cost savings and revenue growth. Experience this sample of our work, and imagine the possibilities for your organization when you partner with me for custom training solutions. Click the image on the left to see the live course. 

Image by Brandi Redd


Process Improvement

Feedback and iteration is a very important part of the design life-cycle. In a role as a learning designer for a software company-seeking to streamline their learning design team-I created internal and external review documents. These help to ensure that we are receiving focused, objective, and robust feedback that drives our learning products towards enhacing the user experience. Click the image to view examples. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Methodology: Sales Team Training

This software companies goal was to develop a new internal training program for their sales team using an LMS called 'Talent' which is very limited in its multimedia capabilities. We utilized a third party tool called 'Canva' to create dynamic training content that could be embedded into the LMS.  In these example you will notice several types of asynchronous training, designed and developed to be interactive , engaging, and drive the sales teams towards measurable, target outcomes. Previously this was done with lengthy job aids and/or long "town hall" style zoom calls. Notice how the interactive features of these products allow users to jump to just what they need, rather than scroll through long documents?  

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